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May Brighid bless your home

This site is dedicated to Brighid, Goddess of the British Isles, who is now honoured worldwide. She is known as the Goddess of healers, poets, smiths, childbirth and inspiration, fire and hearth.

Saint Brighid of Kildare (c451 to 523ce) is venerated as the patroness of farm work and cattle, and protector of the household from fire and calamity. She is often called, “Foster Mother of Christ” and “Mary of the Gael”.

Brighid meaning, “Exalted One” is known by many names including, Breda. Bree, Breeshey, Bride, Bridie, Bridhe, Brigdu, Bridget, Brighde, Brigid, Brighid, Brigit, Brigantia, Briginda and Ffraid.

On this site you will find a photographic record of some of the sacred sites associated with Brighid throughout the British Isles. This record will be developed as more places are visited. The photographs are offered freely for personal and non-profit use. Please credit this site if you make use of them.

The banner above depicts Brighid against Eilean Bhride in the Hebrides. The scroll honours all those who have preserved Her story throughout the ages. The red hot iron spiral represents the goddess and suggests a crosier as a reminder that St. Bridget was consecrated as a religious using the form of the ordination of a bishop.

End of Winter

Although this site focuses on the British Isles ideas follow trade routes and there are echoes of Brighid across Europe. Kirsten Brunsgaard Clausen has recently written an interesting article for the e-zine, Goddess Pages entitled 'Brighid's Runes in Sweden: The Völva and the Sun'.

"In 2006, on an excursion to a large bronze-age rock art site near Norrköping in Sweden, we stepped over a rune inscription with six letters, overgrown, unknown. It said: BRAIDO. "A goddess" said the guide. Puzzled, we ran through all the Nordic goddesses who were familiar to us – Freya, Siv, Idun, Urd, but Braido we had never heard of!" read more...




Bridie by Caroline Probyn

Detail of Bridie from a painting
by Caroline Probyn

Bridie Dolls

Bridie Dolls


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