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Books that have inspired

A History of Pagan Europe
- Prudence Jones & Nigel Pennick
- Routledge 1997 - ISBN: 0-41515-804-4
A concise, extensively researched and very readable introduction to the history of Europe's own religions with an extensive bibliography to tempt further reading. The Celtic section is weak on Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

A Tail for all Seasons
- Edited by Linda Mann
- Priory Press 2008 - ISBN: 0-9551510-3-1
An eclectic mix of twelve stories - one for each month of the year - set in and around the Isle of Man. The first story is a tail by Angie Greenhalgh, entitled Laa'l Breeshy (Brigid's Day). A delightful true story of the protection given to a new home after an invocation of Brigid at Laa'l Breeshy with interesting references to Manx tradition. I warmed to this form of Manx planning permission, "They would put test piles of stones where the house was to be built in case they were going to block a fairy path". Thanks to Angie for providing a review copy.

Brighid and Me
- Edited by Hollee Swann
- Published Autumn 2010
A very special book full of personal experiences of Brighid. "What about the people who are devoted to Brigit? How do they relate to her, communicate with her, honour her? How did they first discover Brigit - was it gradual or an epiphany? How do they manifest her quailities in their lives? Which of her many aspects do they connect with."

Brighid's Healing - Ireland's Celtic Medicine Traditions
- Gina McGarry
- Green Magic 2005 - ISBN: 0-95472-302-3
Traditional Irish healing inspired by Brighid, lady of the springs

Brighid's Runes - A collection of women's soul poetry
- edited by Rachel Mica McCann
- published June 2008
A collection of around 40 poems by over 20 women from various parts of Scotland, Wales, England and Ireland. The poems celebrate the sacred in every day life and our relationship with the earth. They are funny, poignant, eloquent and passionate! The money raised from the sale of the book will go towards supporting Women's and Earth healing projects, especially the Green Belt Movement in Kenya established by nobel prize winner Wangari Maatthai which has empowered women through planting trees and community development.
To buy the book e-mail Rachel.

Brigid Goddess, Druidess and Saint
- Brian Wright
- History Press 2009 - ISBN: 978-0-7524-4865-7
A very interesting attempt at tracing the story of Brigid from Iron Age Goddess to Christian Saint with an excellent collection of Brigid folklore. Highly recommended.

Candlemas Feast of Flames
- Brigit's Festival of Light and Life
- Amber K & Azrael Arynn K
- LLewellyn 2001 - ISBN: 0-73870-079-7

Carmina Gadelica
- Alexander Carmichael
- Floris Books 2004 - ISBN: 0-86315-520-0
Comprehensive collection of poems, charms and incantations collected from gaelic speakers in the Hebrides and Highlands.

Celtic Goddesses
- Miranda Green
- British Museum Press 1995 - ISBN: 0-71412-312-9
A well researched look at the archaeological and literary evidence for the Celtic view of their goddesses and the role of women - goddesses of sovereignty, water, motherhood and healing - shapeshifting, animals and birds - plus a good account of the Brighid's transition from goddess to saint.

Celtic Saints Passionate Wanderers
- Elizabeth Rees
- Thames and Hudson 2000 - ISBN: 0-50001-989-4
Good introduction to the lives of the Celtic saints within the landscape of the British Isles with detailed gazetteer.

Chronicle of Celtic Folk Customs
- Brian Day
- Hamlyn 2000 - ISBN: 0-60059-837-3
Over 450 folk customs of the Irish, Cornish, Manx, Scottish, Welsh and Breton Celts.

Circle of Bright Light
The 30 St. Bride and St. Brigid Churches in Scotland Consecrated and in Use.
- Heather Upfield
Apologies but this booklet is currently unavailable pending revision by the author.
"Today, there are 30 fully functioning, consecrated and living Churches dedicated to St Bride or St Bridget/Brigid in
Scotland. This booklet has brought them all together in one document and features information and images correct in May
2011. It has given me great pleasure to compile this booklet and there is no charge for downloading it, but please make a donation to a charity of your choice or to your local church funds, and email me at brihdein@live.co.uk and let me know
you have done so. I would love to hear from you!"

Confessions of a Pagan Nun
- historical novel by Kate Horsley
- Shambala 2002 - ISBN: 1-57062-913-7
In a cell at Kildare a nun takes time from her copying of Christian texts to record her pagan youth and ease the pain wrought by the rise of Christianity.

The Life of St. Brigid
- Anna Egan Smucker
- Appletree Press 2007 - ISBN: 10: 0 86281 9997
76 pp Hardback
Beautifully produced little book with the Life of the Saint, Legends of the Goddess, Customs, Prayers and instructions to make Brigid's Cross.

Praying with Celtic Holy Women
- Bridget Meehan & Regina Oliver
- Liguori 2003 - ISBN: 0-76480-929-6

Rites of Brigid Goddess and Saint
- Sean O Duinn OSB
- Columba Press 2005 - ISBN: 1-85607-483-8
Excellent, balanced account of the rites and rituals associated with Brigid with a section on Brigid's wells and a summary of the life of St. Brigid.

Rekindling the Flame
- A Pilgrimage in the Footsteps of Brigid of Kildare
- Rita Minehan
- Solas Bhride 1999 - ISBN: 0-95361-920-6
An essential guide to any pilgrimage around Kildare !

Roles of the Northern Goddess
- Hilda Ellis Davidson
- Routledge 1998 - ISBN: 0-41513-611-3
Examines the role of European Goddesses in the everyday lives of women as mistresses of animals, grain, spinning and weaving, the hearth and life and death.

Saint Bride from the Book of Lismore
- Iain MacDonald
- Floris Books 1992 - ISBN: 0-86315-142-6

The Ancient British Goddess
- Kathy Jones
- Ariadne Publications 1991 - ISBN: 1-87298-301-4

The Callanish Dance
- Jill Smith
- Capall Bann 2000 - ISBN: 1-86163-105-7
Very personal and delightful book about the Hebridean landscape.

The Festival of Brigit
- Celtic Goddess & Holy Woman
- Seamas O Cathain
- DBA Publications 1995 - ISBN: 0-95196-922-6
Analysis of Fheile Bride from the records of the Department of irish Foklore with parallels from mainland Europe.

The Stations of the Sun
- A History of the Ritual Year in Britain
- Ronald Hutton
- Oxford 2001 - ISBN: 0-19285-448-8

Three Irish Glossaries
- Glossary of Cormac
- Whitley Stokes
- Llanerch Publishers 1862 - ISBN: 1-86143-089-2

Visions and Voyages
- The Story of our Celtic Heritage
- Fay Sampson
- Triangle 1998 - ISBN: 0-28105-163-1

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History of Pagan Europe

Brighid and Me

Brighid's Runes

Brigid Book

Carmina Gadelica

Confessions of a Pagan Nun

LIfe of St. Brigid

Praying with Celtic Holy Women

Rekindling the Flame

Northern Goddess

Saint Bride

The Festival of Brigit






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