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Kernow (Cornwall)

St. Bride's Well, Lezant

This ancient holy well (OS SX350796) is to be found on a private estate at Landue near Lezant. A chapel dedicated to St. Bride once stood nearby and may have been on a pilgrim route to Bridestow in Devon. Cheryl Straffon has an account of her Search for Bride's Well.

There is a St. Brighid's church at Virginstow (OS SX377926)



There are two churches dedicated to St. Brighid, Bridestowe (OS SX513894) and Bridgerule (OS SS275028).



There are two churches dedicated to St. Brighid, Brean (OS ST296561) and Chelvey (OS ST466683)



Bride's Mound

Bride's Mound is situated just to the South West of Glastonbury (OS ST485383). William of Malmesbury (early 12 century) says that St. Bride made a pilgrimage to Glastonbury in 488ce and stayed at St. Mary Magdalene's oratory on the mound. Nearby there is a stone that marks the site of St. Bride's well. In the 1920s a thorn tree stood there upon which people would tie rags. For further information or to help preserve this site see The Friends of Bride's Mound. The Kildare Brighid Flame was kindled on Bride's Mound at Lammas 2004.

St. John the Baptist Church

The Parish Church (OS ST499390) is a large imposing building situated on the High Street. It was founded in the 950s and mostly rebuilt 500 years ago. There is a stained glass window in St. George's Chapel, off the south aisle of the church, depicting St. Brighid, a wolf companion and St. Michael's Tower on the Tor. There is now a walkable seven circuit labyrinth by the main entrance to the churchyard with a celtic cross honouring Bridget.


St. Patrick's Chapel, Glastonbury Abbey

St. Patrick's Chapel was built in 1512 by Abbot Bere as a chapel to a block of women's almshouses. The Chapel has recently been restored with new stained glass by Wayne Ricketts Stained Glass of Bristol and murals designed by local artist, Fleur Kelly giving an indication of its original splendour.

Goddess Temple

The Goddess Temple is situated in the Courtyard on the High Street and is a sacred space abounding in love, creative energy and the joy of the Goddess. It is set aside for the exploration and celebration of the Divine Feminine and is open to all. Brigit of the Sacred Flame is one of the primary Goddesses associated with Glastonbury.

The Tor

A 16th century hagiography tells us that the king of the underworld, Gwyn ap Nudd, appeared to St. Collen on the Tor in the 7th century. St. Michael's Chapel on the Tor was destroyed in an earthquake in 1275 and rebuilt in 1323. A tower was added in the 15th century and this is now all that remains as the chapel itself was robbed of its stone after the dissolution of the monastery. St. Michael's Tower (OS ST512386) has a lovely bas relief of Brighid milking her cow.

Chalice Well

The beautiful Chalice Well Gardens are to be found below the Tor by the A361 (OS ST507385). This is one of the oldest continuously used wells in the British Isles and has never been known to fail. The gardens host inclusive rituals marking the wheel of the year.



The 14th century church at Bridstow (OS SO585248) is dedicated to St. Brighid.

Photo Album

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Bride's Well, Lezant

 Bride's Well, Lezant courtesy Cheryl Straffon
 St. Brighid's Brean

St. Brighid's, Brean

Bride's Well

Bride's Well, Glastonbury

Bridget Cross

Labyrinth cross, Glastonbury
Lammas 2008

St. Patrick's Chapel Glass

St. Bridget window, St. Patrick's Chapel Glastonbury Abbey

Glastonbury Abbey Mural

St. Bridget mural, St. Patrick's Chapel Glastonbury Abbey

Goddess Temple

Goddess Temple, Imbolc 2006

Chalice Well

Chalice Well, Imbolc 2006


St. Brighid's Bristow


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