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 Songs of the Oystercatcher
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In Intercession for a Friend

In times of ailing, Brighid is there
The lightest touch upon the wrist
Easing the stress with delicate care
In silver pearl and amethyst

When black rain falls from a leaden sky
And darkness penetrates the soul
The light of Brighid glows ever nigh
A glimmering Golden Oriole

Sweet Brighid of fragrance of the flowers
My sister needs your warm embrace
Send perfumed petals in aromatic showers
For everything she has to face

Heather Upfield
© 28 May 2009


Kilbride Chapel, Lamlash, Isle of Arran

The ancient Chapel reverberates with time
Of men and women gathered for the Mass
A simple cemetery on a sacred hill
Tilting gravestones, cool and shaded grass

The roof has long since disappeared
Two empty chambers all that now remain
The interior used for storing garden tools
A small piscina puddled from the rain

Though trees and wild flowers grow amongst the walls
And nature reclaims the ruins of the rooms
The tiny Church sits solid on its site
Among the antique graves and family tombs

I softly approached the Chapel walls
Deep in contemplation, prayer
My heart stood still, from a patch of shade
Leapt a shy and startled blest brown hare

It sprinted swiftly down the hill
And sat just feet away from me
We gazed at each other eye to eye
I blinked - it vanished silently

Heather Upfield
© 25 June 2009


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Golden Oriole

Golden Oriole



 Lamlash Hare


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