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28 March 2012 -Correctly credited the stained glass in St. Patrick's Chapel, Glastonbury Abbey to Wayne Ricketts. Added link to a site dedicated to the Brighid Wells of Ireland. Added Kellianna's new CD, Elemental with a song entitled, Brighid's Flame.

31 August 2011 -Added photo of Kirkbride Chapel, Dunure, Ayrshire by kind permission of Gordon McCrone

2 August 2011 -Added link to The Forge of Avalon. Added details of two new CD's, "Echoes of the Goddess" and "The St. Brigid of Kildare Suite. Added images of St. Bridget of Kildare from St. Patrick's Chapel, Glastonbury.

2 August 2011 -Added details of Priestess/Priest of Brighde one year training in Glastonbury.

2 August 2011 -Added link to Wendy Andrew's art

1 August 2011 -Added new book, "Circle of Bright Light, The 30 St. Bride and St. Brigid Churches in Scotland Consecrated and in Use" by Heather Upfield. Available as a pdf.

13 March 2011 - In The Footprints of Brighid added. I am immensely grateful to Heather Upfield for permission to publish here the third edition of her gazetter of over 300 Brighid sites and references in Scotland.

12 October 2010 - Revised info and photo of Adel Altar

20 September 2010 - Added a review of Brighid and Me

9 July 2010 - Added new photos of Isle of Arran

2 June 2010 - Added new photos of Conwy River and Llansanffraid Glan Conwy

2 June 2010 - Added review of Brian Wright's book: Brigid Goddess, Druidess and Saint

8 March 2010 - Added a link to Tuatha de Brighid

11 January 2010 - The Heart of the Hare: a Gathering of the Bridie Sites of Scotland added. I am immensely grateful to Heather Upfield for permission to publish here the second edition of her gazetter of over 180 Brighid sites in Scotland.

28 July 2009 - Added photos of Bryde's Burn and Mill, Kilbarchan, Cille Brighde, South Uist and Kilbride Chapel, Lamlash, Isle of Arran

16 July 2009 - More poetry including the Songs of the Oystercatcher, poems honouring Brihde through the Wheel of the Year.

30 April 2009 - A new section featuring Brighid poetry.

21 April 2009 - In the Footsteps of Bhrihde added. I am immensely grateful to Heather Upfield for permission to publish here her gazetter of over 125 Brighid sites in Scotland.

5 January 2009 - A Tail for All Seasons added. Review of a new collection of Manx Stories.

30 December 2008 -Kildare, Imbolc 2008 Album added. I am grateful to Sheila Rose Bright for permission to publish photographs of her pilgrimage here.

11 August 2008 - Bridget Cross added. Bridget cross decoration in turf labyrinth St. John's, Glastonbury.

9 June 2008 - Link to Brigit's Garden in Galway, Eire. Details of "Brighid's Runes" a new book of women's soul poetry. Also repaired the e-mail script for contacts.

16 August 2007 - The Life of St. Brigid added. Anna Egan Smucker's new book on Brigid, Goddess and Saint - recommended.

12 July 2007 - Rudston North Yorkshire added

11 April 2007 - The Rites of Brigid Goddess and Saint added. Also some book descriptions.

7 January 2007 - Confessions of a Pagan Nun historical novel added

23 October 2006 - Songs of Bride CD added

13 June 2006 - Revised Wales page with new sites added and many more photographs added to the Wales Album

8 May 2006 - Site completely redesigned

23 March 2006 - New CD's listed, Anahata Circle of the Seasons and Invocation of the Graces.

20 March 2006 - Info on Jura, Hebrides

13 February 2006 - Album of photographs taken at Glastonbury over Imbolc.





Brigid's Well, Co. Clare

Devotional articles left at St. Brigid's Well, Liscannor, County Clare, Ireland


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